TU 9th Annual Banquet - Friday 3/30/2007 6 PM (Word Doc for printing, also as HTML)

George Hall Farm

Connecticut Environmental Review Team - See their report on the EWS property here.

EWS Alums For Land - A group of Ethel Walker alumnae concerned about the School’s proposal to sell their land for a housing development.

The Maps (2.6 MB PDF) - informal subdivision plan, aquifer maps, lost trails, open space, biodiversity.

Farmington Valley Trout Unlimited - Conservation News

EWS-CEQ.PPT - slides presented to the Connecticut Council on Environmental Quality on Feb. 22, 2006.
ALL CT TU Day Agenda - 2/11/2006 9 AM

TU 8th Annual Banquet - 3/31/2006 6 PM

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Community and Environmental Defense Services - Offers free (downloadable) book on how to win land development issues!

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